Medical Translation Services
Since 1987 ASTA-USA's Translation Services has been the leader in translation of high-priority forms and documents for the healthcare and medical community. ASTA-USA

We can take any form or document - whether healthcare related, legal, scientific, technical or everyday business communication - and translate it accurately from or into any of over 70 languages.

Healthcare/Medical Translation Services

With more than 32 years of experience in delivering high-priority healthcare translation services and solutions for America’s leading healthcare, medical and managed care facilities, ASTA-USA is also recognized as the most reliable scientific translation services provider for drug development companies and government agencies. ASTA-USA’s medical translation experts are uniquely suited to meet your unique and specific language translation needs.

Every day, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies and governments of all sizes depend on us to translate their important forms, publications, documents and materials. They continually partner with us because of our reliability, accuracy, professional standards and timeliness.

These written materials could include, for example:

  • Scientific and medical research literature
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Hospital/laboratory operations manuals
  • Medical records
  • Patient information forms
  • Manuals for medical equipment
  • Promotional materials
  • Waivers
  • Patient rights
  • Consent forms
  • Medical history
  • Facility signage
  • Advance directives
  • Registration forms
  • Discharge instructions
  • Privacy sign-in sheets
  • Laboratory order forms
  • Conditions of admission
  • Patient instructions
  • General patient communication forms
  • Authorization for use or disclosure of information
  • HHS/OCR orders and policies
  • Notices advising LEP persons of free language assistance

With the help of our professional translators, you can present your communications, products and services in any language with absolute clarity and regulatory compliance.  Our accredited linguists can translate any healthcare related materials accurately for all areas of the healthcare, medical, clinical and scientific communities.

We can take any written material and translate it into or from over 70 languages.

That is why ASTA-USA has been recognized as the most reliable professional translation services company by leading American organizations and institutions since 1987.


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